Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the countdown...begins...1st day

tiktoktiktok.... my first day of misery... 3rd june


basketball for 1 1/2hours
weight training for 45minutes.. i didnt push so much bcoz im afraid my muscle will tore and it will take 1 week to recuperate...

aaahahhhh..... my 1st daaaa


need to travel to kuantan.. my sis wedding but i must be back in kl tomorrow.. i miss kl already
miss my food in the fridge...


arrived in kuantan

i only can eat a food called sata here in kuantan when my family stop for a byte before goin to 
my grandparents house... sata is made of fish(ikan kembong) and starch... full of protein and less carbs....bro! senyum hehehe

alamak...sacrifice....deep fried fish n prawns... on diet...

a very tall glass of watermelon juice...since this is the last time i can put carbs in my body, i choose this juice to replenish my liquid n energy in my body tru out the nite....hungry surely will struck in tonight...

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