Saturday, June 20, 2009

20th day... a new evolution

21st june 2009....

ABDUL RAZAK ABU BAKAR & WAN AKMAL WAN proud to be ur dad my mum my best friend...i dunno wer i be witout them...

time passes so fast...and guess wat im wearing the Atlanta Hawks jersey at the age 1.. wow thanks abah...

still a notymamasboy...

jay z - december 4th...

Good-bye to the game all the spoils, the adreneline rush
Your blood boils you in a spot knowing cops could rush
And you in a drop your so easy to touch
No two days are alike
Except the first and fifteenth pretty much
And "trust" is a word you seldom hear from us
Hustlers we don't sleep we rest one eye up
And the drought to find a man when the well dries up
You learn to work the water without workin thirst til die YUP
And niggas get tied up for product
And little brothers ring fingers get cut up
To show mothers they really got em
And this was the stress i live with til i decided
To try this rap shit for a livin
I Pray i'm forgiven
For every bad decision i made
Every sister i played
Cause i'm still paranoid to this day
And it's nobody fault i made the decisions i made
This is the life i chose or rather the life that chose me

If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack
Maybe you'll love me when i fade to black.....

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